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Tinecomar Crewing Agency

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Constanta, Romania.

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Our consulting services revolve around planning manpower management for shipping companies, making it possible for them to achieve maximum efficiency at optimum cost. Maintaining a roster and rotating personnel involves anticipating when and what the nature of requirement for seafarers will be.

Tinecomar brings a wide range of crewing expertise on board and all our clients benefit from our knowledge. We deliver consultancy on all aspects of manpower management for ship owners, including crewing, recruitment, skill evaluation, training and labour welfare.


Whether we take up full manpower outsourcing or provide piecemeal solutions, our ability to perform professionally on a consistent basis sets us apart from the rest of the crewing agencies in the market.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions to the challenges our clients face on a daily basis, and our promise is that we support our clients in every possible way, using all our available resources, so that their operations can become more efficient and cost effective.