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Tinecomar Partners

AUGUSTA DUE SRL: Augusta Due is a shipping company specializing in the transport of energy and oil products, and all their vessels are chartered to big oil majors. The company has been on an expansion drive in the last 10 years, and today considers itself as a major shipping group in the Mediterranean Sea.

AMORETTI GROUP SRL: Amoretti Armatori Group provides maritime transport for liquid petroleum and chemical cargo. The company currently owns a fleet of 12 vessels, most of which are engaged by petrochemical companies. Amoretti has been operating in the Mediterranean Sea for 40 years.

ELBANA DI NAVIGAZIONE SPA: Elbana was founded in 1971 as a dry cargo transporter with three small vessels. In 1978, due to the drastic drop in demand of steel products in Italy, the company decided to shift to oil and chemical transport. Today the company operates its own oil-chemical tankers.

MEDITERRANEA DI NAVIGAZIONE: A family owned company with a hundred year history, Mediterranea specializes in transporting various types of energy products and chemicals, and boasts of an impressive list of clients such as Enel, Eni, BpAmoco, Shell, Total Fina Elf, Dow, Repsol, Cepsa, ExxonMobil,and others.

SMTV – G Messina SPA: Born of a merger between two companies in August 2008, SMTV is a Genoa based operation that specializes in the transport of oil and chemical products in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea region for several Italian and multinational petroleum companies.



  1. Adria Ferris Ltd
  2. Armamento Setramar SPA
  3. Avebury Consulting SA Panama
  4. Cartour SRL
  5. Cube SPA
  6. Energy Shipping SPA
  7. Eurolineas Maritimas
  8. General Maritime Management
  9. Grimaldi Holding SPA
  10. Ireos E SRL
  11. Italia Maritima SPA
  12. LGR di Navigazione
  13. LNG Shipping SPA
  14. Petrolmar SPA
  15. Remorchiatori Riuniti SPA
  16. Rizzo Bottiglieri de Carlini
  17. Rubicone di Navigazione SRL
  18. Snug SRL
  19. Socatram SRL
  20. Vroon Offshore Italia SRL
  21. Vroon Ship Management BV