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Training is important to any seafarer’s career and professional development. At Tinecomar, we place utmost importance in making sure that our people are prepared to meet the highest standards of seamanship and engineering skills. We are totally committed to raising the competence of our sea-going people so that our clients can rest assured that their vessels are in safe hands.

Our company policy is to ensure any seafarer desiring to be recruited by us must have all the necessary qualifications conforming to international requirements. We regularly arrange training courses for our seafarers, in-house or at a location suitable to the client company.

Training is not only a way to increase career opportunities but also ensures that our clients have qualified and well-trained seafarers for their vessels. We encourage our seafarers improve their career prospects by continuously undergoing advanced training suitable to their employment.

We aim to constantly expand our pool of qualified seafarers, whether these are officers or ratings, so that we can meet our clients’ requirements at any given point in time.