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Wages & Contracts

Due to the nature of sea-going missions, the terms of engagement are critical in finding the right fit for any seafarer. Though there are standard international procedures for drawing out these job contracts, each ship owner has its own rules and regulations regarding employing seafarers. It is also possible to have different terms of engagement within the same company, depending on vessel type and the nature of the mission.

At Tinecomar, we are meticulous about understanding what our clients need and the nature of engagement for each and every seafarer. We have a stake in ensuring that our seafarers understand their contract terms and our clients respect these terms at all times. We have the necessary expertise to help clients with drawing out different types of engagement contracts for different types of missions, and budget their wage costs according to the nature of the mission.

We assist seafarers and ship owners in structuring compensation and job contracts according to internationally accepted rules of engagement. We also ensure that our seafarers are paid according to their performance and experience, and depending on the type of mission.